Dr. Doolittle (2020)

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My DEAR Doctor Doolittle I am so VERY pleased to make your acquaintance, I am a fan of your books I’m DREADFULLY excited about your movie.

I loved this movie.

Is it perfect? no.

Did I find any fault with it? yes.

Would I recommend? yes, 10/10

For anyone who can stomach a couple medical procedures (none of them bloody,) a whiny gorilla, a little potty humor, and a fiery dragon, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

(spoilers across the line, be ye warned)
{{there’s not much to be spoiled though it’s pretty predictable once it gets going but WHO CARES}}

Dr. Doolittle has a special gift- he can talk to animals. But when a tragic accident befalls his love, he shuts himself away from the world, swearing to stay away from humans forever. Many years pass and the Doctor is forgotten, but when the queen falls gravely ill, Dr. Doolittle, along with a new apprentice and his animal companions, must embark on a quest to save her.

My family STRUGGLES to find good kids movies to watch now, they’re all remakes, sequels, or too inappropriate/romantic.

Not that romance is bad but you know… there’s a line for a seven-year-old okay??

Usually I would complain about there being so many big names in a movie, and honestly they could have done it with cheaper voice actors and it would have been totally fine, but the cast list for this is just so impressive I can’t complain!

Image result for doolittle 2020 set

Plus you know, Antonio Banderas… is my favorite… I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR THAT MAN, OKAY???

Image result for king rassouli dr dolittle

Oooooohhh just LOOK at him he’s old and still got it. *melts*


And may I just say how BEAUTIFUL this movie is??

Image result for dolittle 2020 boats

Image result for dolittle 2020 boats

There are next to no pictures online for this movie?? It’s really sad?? It’s such a beautiful movie and people should go see it because pictures don’t do it justice. GO SEE IT PLEASSEEEE!!!

It’s set to loose a lot of money but it’s such a sweet movie. It’s based loosely on the books, it’s very conceptually based instead of a literal adaption, which I have no problem with, though I loved the book. It’s been remade literally already, and I appreciate that they got a little creative. Art department KILLED IT, and so did costuming. I really hope they can make their money back on this one because if it sells they’ll make more like it! PLEASE MAKE MORE LIKE THIS WE DO WANT THEM JUST MARKET THEM BETTER PLEASSSSSEEEE!! *CRIES*

I want to be part of a movie like this. I want to be a buyer/set dresser/costumer/prop-master for a movie like this okay???

Overall the script writing was good, though it lacked a certain subtlety in some scenes which it would have benefited from, and I wasn’t a huge fan of Chee-chee’s writing he was kind of over-the-top. (I love Rami Malek though, okay, he’s in Night at the Museum and that movie is AMAZING)

RDJ’S accent tho… I loved it? I don’t even know if it’s a great accent it’s hard to tell when you’re American but I really liked it?

In conclusion, enjoyable, underrated, pretty, fun, and generally made me very happy.

I hope to see more films like Dr. Doolittle in the future, especially from RDJ, because I think he does a great job.

Have you seen Doolittle? What did you think of it? Was RDJ’s accent good or not so much?


Stay fabulous, stay creative, stay away from humans!


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